Road maintenance
Transport, Straßenbau, Verkehrsinfrastruktur, Leistungsfähiges Fahrzeug
Power Pack, 1000 PS Fahrzeug, SYN TRAC, Zusatzmotor
Special applications

Concluding Systems



Empty weight:

11.500 kg


CAT C9.3B straight six-cylinder engine

Power range: 310 kW (420 PS) 1.800 to 2.200 1/min
Torque: 1.900 Nm at 1.400 1/min
Cubic capacity: 9.300 cm³
Exhaust gas treatment: DPF, DOC und SCR
Exhaust emission standard: EU stage 5 (U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final)


Hydraulic-mechanical power split transmission with continuously variable transmission ratio
Dry sump lubrication
Slow travel range 0-60 km/h (at 1,200 1/min. engine speed - tractive force 136 kN)
Fast travel range 0-80km/h (at 1,600 1/min. engine speed - tractive force 120 kN)


Driven steering axles (TATRA axles) with oscillating half-axles
and planetary reduction in the wheel hubs
Axle load: 10,000 kg / 11,500 kg
Hydro-pneumatic suspension
Automatic level control
Total suspension travel: 340 mm (with 385/95R25 tires)
Permanent 4x4 all-wheel drive with longitudinal and lateral locks
4x4+2 or 6x6 driveline configurable


All-wheel steering with the following modes:
- Front-wheel steering
- All-wheel steering
- Crab steering


Service brake: Wabco ABS air brake system in dual-circuit design
Parking brake: Knott spring-loaded sliding caliper brake, acting on all four wheels


Work hydraulics:

Load sensing axial piston pump with 180 l/min and 250 bar
6 double-acting valves each with 100 l/min at front and rear docking
Power Beyond connection with max. 180 l/min at front and rear docking
Hydraulic tank capacity 140 l

Auxiliary drives:

Engine PTO shaft with 1,000 rpm and max. 3,000 Nm at front and rear
Standard hydraulic pump 180 l/min @ 250 bar, optional up to 360 l/min

Docking system:

Multifunctional implement coupler at the front and rear of the vehicle (docking system).
Coupling of integrated attachments with automatic connection of:
- 6x double-acting hydraulic valves
- Power Beyond connection / Load Sensing connection
- Electrical connection 24V/125A
- Pneumatic 8 bar
- Air brake (system pressure 8,3 bar)
- PTO (full engine power front and rear PTO)
- CAN Bus and Ethernet (ISO Bus optional)



Different variants possible (max. 500/80 R30)


Comfort cabin
Automatic climate control
Triple adjustable steering column
Driver's seat: air-suspended super comfort seat with seat heating, ventilation and safety belt
Front and rear windscreen wiper-washer system
Large telescopic exterior mirrors, electrically adjustable and heated
Radio with CD, USB, Bluetooth and hands-free system
Laminated safety glass front window, heatable

Door windows optionally with wiper system and heated

Sunblind rear
2 control panels with 7" and 12
Multifunctional rail system to accommodate additional controls
Multifunctional control armrest
Tachograph optional

Camera system optionally available


Electrical equipment:

24 volt board network
Alternator with 145 A
8 LED working lights with 360° illumination
StVO lighting in LED version, front main headlight in halogen version
LED ascent lighting

Dimensions basic vehicle 4x4:

Width: 2.550 mm
Height: 3.400 mm
Wheel base: 3.300 mm
Total length: 4.700 mm (depending on tyre dimensions)

All INFO summarized

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